The story

Onyx Esthétique emerges as a sanctuary of beauty and well-being, dedicated to personal development through a range of aesthetic services. Founded on February 21, 2022 by Tina Lesage and her partner Robert Charette, this salon embodies the passionate vision of a dedicated owner. This inaugural day has a moving significance, mixed with sadness and commemoration, since it coincides with the death of Mrs. Maureen Fisher, the dearly missed aunt of Tina Lesage. The choice of this symbolic date is not insignificant: it is a sincere and deeply meaningful tribute to this influential and loving figure who instilled in Tina her passion for helping people.

Many women have influenced my passion for helping people including my dear mother Pauline Fisher and my aunt Maureen Fisher. I wanted to be a role model for my three children by showing them what can be accomplished with determination and courage.

Inclusive, welcoming and warm.

Each service provided at Onyx Esthétique demonstrates meticulous craftsmanship and deep commitment to excellence and client comfort. The welcoming atmosphere, tinged with professionalism and human warmth, makes each visit a sensory and soothing experience. Tina and Robert lead this establishment with an impeccable work ethic, transmitting caring energy and unwavering dedication to their team, creating a place where passion and expertise converge to raise the standards of modern aesthetics. Onyx Esthétique, much more than just a salon, embodies a story imbued with love, dedication and constant improvement, offering a haven of beauty and refinement to those who pass through its doors.

Our team

Tina Lesage

Owner - Body care technician

Owner of the Onyx Esthétique center and passionate about body care. She will be able to advise you on body care such as Onyx Freeze, Onyx Sculpt, Celluskin and more. Giving you back your self-esteem is its primary mission.

Sylva Abi Nader

Chief beautician

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Our mission

At Onyx Esthétique, our primary mission is to transcend the standards of beauty by reflecting inner splendor through exceptional treatments. We aspire to create an inclusive space, where everyone feels welcome and valued. Our commitment to exceptional quality services redefines beauty standards, providing a unique experience in the region. We strive to personalize our offerings to meet everyone's needs. Our salon is much more than a place for beauty treatments, it is a sanctuary where the beauty of the soul flourishes in harmony with external well-being.

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