Skin care

Facial Balance (combination skin)

75 minutes For oily,combination or impure skin prone to excessive sebum production associated with skin thickening and bacterial proliferation.Regulates sebum Reduces inflammation Purifies Refines skin texture

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Equilibrium Facial (aromatherapy)

90 minutesA treatment adapted to all skin types, by Respecting the natural Ph and promoting a healthy and balanced skin. Younger-looking skinHydration Delays signs of premature aging of the skin

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Facial Rehydra

75 minutes Intended for normal, dry, and dehydrated skin. Microcirculation stimulation will produce an anti-aging protein in addition to preventing the normal breakdown of hyaluronic acid in your skin.Nourishes your skinIntense hydration Prevents...

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Facial White Moon (pigment spot)

75 minutes For non-homogeneous skin, with dyschromia, grayish or yellowish complexion, skin with pigment spots and the typical senile tigo of the hands. Even out the complexionControls melanin production Smoothes the skin Protects against...

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Facial Emozioni Plus (reactive skin)

For sensitive and intolerant skin, and all skin reactive to external and internal aggressions, whether normal or oily! In fact, sensitivity can affect all skin types, since it is the organ most exposed to various stimuli. TARGETED BENEFICIAL ACTIONS...

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Facial 75-15 (anti-aging)

In 2015, after intense research work, Vagheggi's dream was finally realized by finding the perfect ally of the Klotho protein in order to increase its potential: the crystal extract of the resin of the Pistachio Lentisque tree! Thanks to this...

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Primissima Facial (chemical peel)

PRIMISSIMA: EVEN MORE THAN A PEEL… A COMPLETE RESTRUCTURING OF THE DERMIS Vagheggi created a chemical treatment that exfoliates the skin's surface while regenerating and firming the dermis. With Primissima, your clients will benefit from a...

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Facial Lime (glow)

Pollution, smoke, ultraviolet rays, poor diet and stress are several of the elements that cause a gray and dull complexion, suffocate and dry out the skin and above all cause premature aging of tissues. The Lime/Vitamin C range offers a range of...

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Facial Guasha

75 minutes Treat your skin to a revitalizing and regenerating experience with our Facial Guasha service. This ancient Chinese facial massage technique uses smooth stone tools to stimulate blood circulation, relax facial muscles and promote...

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