Facial Guasha

75 minutes

Treat your skin to a revitalizing and regenerating experience with our Facial Guasha service. This ancient Chinese facial massage technique uses smooth stone tools to stimulate blood circulation, relax facial muscles and promote lymphatic drainage.

Our Facial Guasha service aims to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension and encourage cellular regeneration for firmer, brighter and more toned skin. The gentle, precise movements of the stone tools help eliminate toxins, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and naturally sculpt facial contours.

During your session, our specialist will use expert techniques to personalize the treatment to your specific needs. Enjoy a relaxing and revitalizing experience, leaving your skin refreshed and glowing after each session.

Discover the regenerating power of our Facial Guasha service and let yourself be transported to radiant skin and a feeling of well-being.

Cancellation of appointment

Note that in the event of cancellation of an appointment less than 24 hours before its date, a penalty of 30% will be charged on your next visit to compensate the salon's losses. We thank you for your understanding and we are committed to always offering you the best service.

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