Facial Emozioni Plus (reactive skin)

For sensitive and intolerant skin, and all skin reactive to external and internal aggressions, whether normal or oily! In fact, sensitivity can affect all skin types, since it is the organ most exposed to various stimuli.


• Gently cleanse and exfoliate to ensure the restoration and strengthening of the skin barrier.

• Protect capillaries and offer skin protection against UV rays.

• Prevent and control redness, irritation and sensitization.

• Control oxidative phenomena to soothe.

• Restore well-being to the skin by reducing unpleasant sensations.


Cancellation of appointment

Note that in the event of cancellation of an appointment less than 24 hours before its date, a penalty of 30% will be charged on your next visit to compensate the salon's losses. We thank you for your understanding and we are committed to always offering you the best service.

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